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Asset Aggregator Assure promises better Web2 facilities, launches Web3

Web2 users are facing quite a number of issues be it extensive KYC, no solo and complete wallets, or a lack of unified app aggregations.

Aurora Deno Aurora Deno July 7, 2022
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Gate.io enters NFT world with OpenPunks, A community-driven NFT collections

Gate.io is a prominent cryptocurrency trading platform that is operated through Gate Technolgy, is happy to announce the launch of

Gargi Sinha Gargi Sinha September 28, 2021

Mango Market may grant $47 million to hackers to obtain Stolen Funds

Mango Markets community is voting heavily in favor of a deal. Mango Markets community is voting for a majority of

Gargi Sinha Gargi Sinha October 14, 2022

Russia plans to allow crypto-based, cross-border transactions

Till now, the Bank of Russia was an anti-crypto institute, allegedly thinking of the crypto sector as a rival to

Gargi Sinha Gargi Sinha September 5, 2022

China’s Digital Yuan(e-CNY) wallet becomes Top downloaded Apps in country

China's Central Bank digital currency, Digital Yuan or e-CNY is one the first and unique Digital currency launched by any

Gargi Sinha Gargi Sinha January 12, 2022

Ardent Bitcoin Supporter Robert Kiyosaki ditches crypto; Here is why

The Russia and Ukraine Military conflict has caught the entire world's attention over the gripping uncertainties as Russia advances despite

Gargi Sinha Gargi Sinha March 12, 2022